Often described as the ability to ‘bounce back’ after adversity, resilience is a key competency for individuals, leaders and teams in order to succeed in the current competitive working environment. Resilience helps us avoid stress and burn out, but more than that, it enables us to learn from tough experiences and build our internal coping resources to deal with the future challenges.


Some people are highly resilient, others less so.  Fortunately, there are practical tools and skills that can be taught and here Phetogo Consulting aims to enhance peoples’ ability to bounce back from difficult organisational and life events.



To be effective and excel, it is essential that leaders spend time managing their team’s performance.  Performance Management encompasses the important people issues in the organisation including the entire relationship you as a leader have with the people you employ, while also focusing on the importance of the organisational environment and culture at play.


Phetogo Consulting assists leaders to in managing the full performance value chain including:

- Clearly articulating their vision and strategy

- Giving direction to their teams

- Setting goals that are aligned to their business plans

- Care and growth



Culture refers to the common, shared experiences of a group or community that shape the way its members understand the world.  It is critical for an organisation to actively assess its culture including values, diversity and inclusivity, and develop plans to address the gaps and most importantly, execute those plans.


Phetogo Consulting assists companies:

- Assess its practised values

- Assess the alignment between employees’ personal values and organisational values using the Cultural Transformation Tools developed by the Barrett Values Centre.

- Assess the perceived discriminatory practices

- Develop transformation plans or interventions

- Support the implementation process



Organisational resources and culture are the two main factors that are not easily replicated by the competition. Managing these assets is therefore crucial to a company’s sustainable success. Phetogo Consulting assists leaders in ensuring that they attract and retain the right talent for the job, as well as develop and sustain a future pipeline of talent.


In the same way that the marketing disciplines make use of branding and brand management tools to attract and retain customers, these same tools have increasingly been applied by the human resources and talent management community to attract, engage and retain talented candidates and employees.


Talent management is the science of using strategic human resource planning to improve business value and to make it possible for companies and organisations to reach their goals.  Everything done to recruit, retain, develop, reward and make people perform forms a part of talent management as well as strategic workforce planning. Phetogo Consulting assists organisations achieve their talent-management strategy through creating a competency architecture for the organisation.



Coaching focuses on future possibilities and utilises learnings from past experiences.  The Coach’s role is one of helping individuals develop and reach their full potential.  Coaching is about performance improvement and not performance management.


Why Meta Coaching?

Meta means above and beyond. Meta-Coaching is a powerful methodology that transcends traditional performance coaching by focusing on process and structure more that the content.  Phetogo Consulting uses Meta Coaching to take both coach and client to the highest levels - developmentally and transformatively.  At these levels profound change occurs naturally and easily.  The result is success and transformation.