Founded by seasoned and respected local HR expert, Basetsana Magano, Phetogo Consulting was established based on her own experience of the coaching, training and development gap among educated and skilled young professionals entering the corporate world.


Here Phetogo Consulting aims to develop the requisite tools and skill sets necessary to enable individuals and teams with limited practical understanding of organisational strategy and culture, to perform optimally and realise their full potential.



The value of individuals can never be underestimated; however their roles within a team are just as important.  Individual performances very often depend on team performances and therefore leaders’ ability to motivate, guide, direct and lead the team is crucial.


As there will always be group dynamics at play, Phetogo Consulting uses visual thinking to resolve internal issues, creating a high level of commitment and promoting transparency and trust. By responding to carefully worded questions and expressing themselves through writing ideas and opinions on cards, people are exposed to a new dimension of thinking and awareness.




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Basetsana Magano